Denton Area Darts Association

Denton Area Dart Association

Denton Area Dart Association is a recreational steel tip dart league based out of Denton, TX. 

We have 250+ dart players that play out of our 10 dart venues. 

Our Format:

We hold 14 week seasons in Fall & Spring; 12 Week season for Summer. League Nights are Mondays at 7:00 PM for all Divisions. Each match consists of (12) games with the first (6) being singles, the next (3) being doubles 501 and the final (3) being doubles cricket, format to vary by division. We have 3 Division: A, B, & C. 

Newer Teams start in C League and work their way up to the upper divisions. 

*New Teams can start in higher division with committee approval.

Looking to Join the League: 

We are always looking for new players and venues to join our league. You can start up a new team or join an existing team. The league is free for dart players. Our dart venues sponsor our teams. To start a team, pick your dart venue & gather (at least) 6 of your best dart buddies attend that season's Captain's meeting to register your team. Check out the DADA Facebook Page for updates about Captains Meeting event details. Trying to join a team, send us message and we'll let you know the captains know we have a free agent looking to join. Or get to know our dart players at the local Friday Night Dart Blind Draw Tournament out of Game Changers, held every Friday at 8 PM.

Our Current Dart Venues: 

II CharliesDusty'sEastsideFlipsGame Changers, Jack's TavernLucky Lou's, RT's Bar, The Garage, JK's Cocktail Lounge, & Tom's Daiquiri.


February 1st, 2022

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